Do you want to be as chill as this panda?

You can absolutely do that while we take care of your digital needs.

Why "project panda"?

Pandas are unbearably cute creatures and it’s really hard not to like them. Not really a big deal, but we wanted a nice name that you can remember for whatever digital needs you and your organization may have. 

The Team

We are a group of skilled professionals who enjoy helping others produce online content and platforms that are suitable for what they need. We used to do volunteer work for cause-oriented organizations, but we now are extending our skills and expertise to you at reasonable costing.

I'm the Software Engineer

Arvin Jay Sumalbag

I'm the Multimedia Artist & Animator

Chelsea Valerio

I'm the Content Guru

John Hofileña

What we can do for you...

Web Design & Development

Website design, e-commerce, portfolio design

Video & Graphic Design

Animations, event video concepts, branding

Social Media Marketing

Brand boosting, SEO, Conversions

Content Writing

Creative content, impactful copy, targeted blogging, and social media stories

Kudos to people at Freepik for these awesome flat images.